Ask Me Anything- 10 Answers To Your Questions About Virtual Bookkeeping

July 18, 2016

Clients who have never used a virtual bookkeeper often have questions.  How does it work?  How do we communicate?  How do I send you my bookkeeping information?  Allow me to answer these 10 common questions about virtual bookkeeping:


  1. How will we communicate? We will communicate a couple of different ways.  The first will be by email, which is a great way to get your questions answered, and the second will be by phone.  Finally, we will have monthly or quarterly Skype conversations (depending on the service plan you choose) that allows us to speak face-to-face and go over your financial reports in detail.
  2. How will I send you my bookkeeping information? First, you will scan or take a picture of your receipts and other financial documents. Then, you will upload them to Hubdoc.  This will sync with bookkeeping software, such as Xero,, and QuickBooks Online.
  3. Is it secure to send information over the web? All the software I use has bank-level security and 256 bit encryption.  Furthermore, I do not store any of your information on my personal computer.  All of this means that your data is safe.
  4. What bookkeeping software do you use? You can either use Xero or QuickBooks Online.  If you are currently using a different software or desktop version of QuickBooks, I can help move you to either Xero or QuickBooks Online.
  5. What type of access will you require for my accounts? I will need a read-only user name and password to your bank accounts.  These will be used to connect and sync your account information automatically to Xero or QuickBooks Online.
  6. How quickly will you respond to my emails and voicemails? I will try to respond immediately. However, if I need to do research to address one of your concerns, it may take me up to 24 hours to respond.
  7. How is the billing structured? Billing is paid in advance for a month of service. I charge a flat monthly rate depending on the size of your business, number of transactions and accounts that you have, and the number of times that you choose to review your financial reports.  With a 30-day notice, you can cancel at any time. At Legal Ease Bookkeeping, LLC, we do not lock you into an annual contract.
  8. What happens after I sign up? You will receive a welcome pack with the information that you will need to get started, and you will be given a list of items that I will require in order to get your accounts set up as soon as possible.
  9. Since we have never met in person, how do I know I can trust you? We will have a consultation where we will get to know each other. I also carry errors and omissions insurance and full- coverage general liability that insures for cases of breached data. To set your mind at ease, I assure you that I won’t share your information with any third parties.
  10. How do I find more information about using your services? You can sign up for a free 30-minute consultation by clicking here.  I would love to answer any questions you have.

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