Are you under billing your clients?

Some attorneys I have talked to mentioned the fact that they are not that great at keeping track of their hours.  You know you have worked on a client earlier in the week but you don’t know exactly how long you worked so you estimate your billable hours and to be fair to the client […]

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How to Setup Law Practice Retainers in QuickBooks Online

Have you ever tried to get law practice retainers to go correctly into QuickBooks Online?  It isn’t hard once you get it setup but it can be utterly confusing to get it setup properly.  Hi! I am Brandy Derrick with Legal Ease Bookkeeping, LLC and I specialize in bookkeeping for solo practitioners and small law […]

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Why Nobody Cares About Law Firm Bookkeeping

You have your own law practice and you are busy doing a million things.  You are the lead attorney, the HR Manager, the Marketing Guru, the Office Manager, the IT Department.  You are everything.  And you know that people have said that you should manage your books and stay on top of your monthly expenses […]

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