10 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Law Practice Bookkeeping

It is dry and repetitive. Every single month, you reconcile the bank statements, enter in the same transactions into your bookkeeping software, pay the same bills, and bill the same clients. Yes, the transactions may change or every once in a while you may find someone who didn’t charge you correctly and you get to […]

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16 Must-Follow Blogs for Solo Practitioners and Small Law Firms

There are a crazy number of blogs out there for attorneys, all tempting people to procrastinate at work. But it’s hard to know which sites are truly informative and help small practices manage, market, and grow their law practice. Here are 16 blogs that will help the entrepreneur attorney learn more about how to run […]

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5 Steps for Law Firm Budgeting

Have you ever had an expense come up that you weren’t expecting and didn’t have the money to pay for? Are you only looking at your bank balance to determine whether or not you have the funds to pay an employee? Do you want to spend money on advertising to grow your law firm but […]

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5 Clichés about Attorney Bookkeeping You Should Avoid

Clichés are supposedly phrases that have be overused and should be avoided. However, we wouldn’t use clichés in everyday language if they were always a bad thing. Sometimes clichés can provide meaning to something when you cannot find the exact words to describe a situation. Even though the actual words are perfectly fine to use, […]

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